Friday, May 24, 2013


On the heals of the FRS-XX 'tease' comes the release of this image of the new Search And Rescue X drone from JAEGERTECH. The S.A.R.X is a smaller and far more daring design addition to the drone  series and a new branch off of the previous TR drones. Boasting flea-like swept leg designs that are capable of getting this drone to scale a vertical shaft without the use of a tether and non-optical vision systems, this drone can be deployed into the most hazardous situations. This image is of the early release test mule, although the final design will be very similar.
We teased the top view of the S.A.R.X a few weeks ago, but much progress has been made since then. Test trials are still adding to it's effectiveness in the field and a final version will be made available later this year.
Thanks again for your interest in JAEGERTECH and be sure to let our team know what you think! Also check out the blog of our lead designer ALXART!


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