Friday, May 10, 2013

Official story on the 'leaked' spy shot FRS-XX

A few days ago an image was posted on Nuthin' But Mech blog of the rumored FRS follow up racing mech. The image was indeed of our newest addition to the FRS racing mech program, the FRS-XX. Deep in testing at the black forest test circuit in Southern Germany our crew was there for 14 days testing the new leg systems and contact shoes. Admittedly this image was taken by our official photographer Lucas Thyssen, but the 'leak' was more of a... 'peek' as Derek D of FLD might say :) We will reveal more info as the testing progresses, with the official full reveal in December this year. As the pic reveals we are working with Nuthin' But Mech Racing this year as a new sponsor and we continue to work with ALXART as our design team. We have other projects in the pipe as well, but right now our main focus is the FRS-XX and the new drone mech we mentioned a week ago. Our partners asked us to withhold any more official info for now, so enjoy the spy pick and let us know what you think so far!

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