Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FRS-32r with drop down cockpit

Back from the testing grounds in the black forest of southern Germany, JAEGERTECH has completed phase 2 tests of the FRS-32r racing mech. The testing included multiple terrain types and both human and mech drivers. Although mech pilots are not yet legal in Mech World Racing Championship©  racing, JAEGERTECH is proposing a new league with autonomous and mech pilots. This FRS model is equipped as a dual mode driver, pictured here with the GN series auto pilot. In the trials the GN pilot proved to be only 2.4 seconds faster overall than our best human pilot Kurt Allen. Although Kurt did manage to pull faster times through the winding forest track and the open tarmac sections. The competition has a big challenge ahead of them when #22 hits the circuit early next year.
Next test is in the harsh terrain of the South American DAKAR circuit.

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"Technik für die Zukunft"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

JAG's GN-series mech pilot

Here's another peak at JAEGERTECH's flagship GN series, this time with a glimpse of the new 'auto' pilot. This human form mech pilot can be added to the package for smaller recon and discrete missions away from or in tandem with the GN-oo1X1 tank. Complete with the same Xi series A.I. as the tank the Pilot and the tank are completely in sync and act as a lethal team. Read more in the  Nuthin' But Mech book from Design Studio Press.