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Sunday, August 3, 2014

JAEGERTECH kills off defense division

In a stunning announcement today JAEGERTECH decided to shut down all military and defense projects and focus all it's efforts and resources to its civilian divisions. The decision was made despite the fact that the GN series mech tanks and A.I. Soldiers have been a huge money-maker for the company.
     "When we started the defense division it was a different world with different priorities" said company CFO Hilmar Thyssen. "We as a company wish to use our advanced technologies and talents to further the advancement of the human race rather than to harm humans, wether friend or foe."
      JAEGERTECH has been focusing on it's racing and search and rescue divisions for the past 2 years. It's FRS series mechs and S.A.R.X drones have been at the forefront of their research and development and are the most advanced machines available for purchase right now. The triple victory of it's new FRS-XX 'Nuthin but Mech' racing team this year have thrust the company into world wide spot light and acclaim. The decision seems to have come at the right time as the company's stock ticked up slightly even after many investors backed out. It seems a new bread of investors were already set to take their place.
     "We have a lot more to offer the world and I for one am proud to be a part of a company that has a vision for a positive and prosperous future." Said Alex Jaeger, founder and chief designer.
   The current GN series will be serviced by a 3rd party company as of yet to be determined.

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