Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FRS Comparison

We decided to show you the differences between our 2 active FRS models. "Although they share many design cues they could not be more different." Says the designer, Alex Jaeger of ALXART design in California. On the left is the FRS-32R from last season. It proved to be a champion in the solo division and faired 2nd in the South American Dakar. It is still making waves in the pro- am circuit and by no means a by gone model. Following in the footsteps of legendary companies like Audi and McClaren  who continued to improve upon perfection in their race machines, so to JAEGERTECH has done the same. On the right is the new FRS-XX model. Side by side you can se the vast improvements in streamlined design and engineering. Shorter, thinner and lighter the XX is a technical marvel in that we added 2 more legs and space for a co-pilot. Using new leg mounted driver motors we were able to move much of the leg controls out of the body and into the joints themselves. A central carbon nano-fiber spine gives it stiffness and safety for our 2 drivers while integrating the chassis mount points further inboard. All cables and control contacts are shrouded inside the suspension struts for protection and for a clean, efficient design. 
Stay tuned for more info and details from JAEGERTECH as the summer continues! Also go like the ALXART fan page on face book to keep informed.

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