Friday, April 26, 2013

New Jaegertech on the way!

After several months of focusing on getting the current batch of JAEGERTECH mechs out the door and into the hands of consumers, we've secretly been working on a few updates to the line. Our marketing and PR group has allowed us to share this tease of a work in progress mech rumored to be of the unmanned drone type. Specs are still under wraps as we are working toward a June release for this and another mech. Both mechs being designed by our exclusive designer ALXART in California. The second mech (not pictured yet) has been rumored to be an update to the successful FRS-Racing mech. The JAEGERTECH racing team has been working on a whole new chasis inorder to make it more durable and possibly seat 2 in prep for a Dakar dominating machine... more to come!

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