Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here's a post release image of the JAEGERTECH GN-0001Xi, the flagship of the defense division. This walking menace is surprisingly quick and quiet thanks to maximum use of composite materials and advanced super conductive drive systems. ALXART designed this latest version with the fear factor in mind. A creepy almost silent whirrr emanates from this beast in rest mode. Even more stealthy is the cushioned step system that allows it to walk with a subtle thud and a hiss from each footfall. The pop up turret can raise to clear cover and rotate 360 degrees. The twin barrel cannon can be fitted with an array of firepower depending on mission specs. Piloted by one or two soldiers or unmanned with JAEGERTECH's Xi artificial intelligence, the GN-001Xi is a force on it's own. Watch for more updates!

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